User Agreement

This user agreement defines the terms of interaction, via online digital services, between the organisation SW Computer Lab and the users of these online digital services. You must read this document and all documents listed under this User Agreement before interacting with any of these online digital services. By interacting with any of the online digital services offered by SW Computer Lab, you are signing this agreement. A record of this agreement will be stored for future reference.

Access points to SW Computer Lab’s online digital services include but are not limited to: HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP and SSH.

Online digital services include, but are not limited to, the following technologies: website, blog, forum, social media, hosting, database management, email, development environments and cloud storage.

As part of this agreement, you also agree to:

SW Computer Lab offers these services in good faith and trust that you will show similar respect.

Any user found manipulating any part of the lifecycle of these services, with malevolent intentions of causing or intending to cause damage or harm, with or without permission, will be dealt with appropriately, including, if needed, notifying authorities.